Where to Party in Tallinn

Where to Party in Tallinn

Are you looking for unforgettable parties and lots of fun? Tallinn is the place to go!Ai?? It may come as a shock for those who have never visited the capital of Estonia, but the New York Times announced, in 2006 that it is the party capital of Europe. The city’s nightlife hardly needs any introduction, with 1000 entertainment places , clubs, bars, adrenaline based activities (paintball, karts, laser tag. etc.) it can easily service thousands of tourists every night. There are even Pills Tallinn care hire services at your disposal to take you home after a long night.

Here is a list of great places to party:

The Chicago 1933 is a beautifully furnished resto bar which recalls the time of Al Capone and gangsters. It has decent prices, excellent food and a unique atmosphere.

Levist Valjas.

Levist Valjas

  • Levist Valjas is unlike most of the select pubs in Tallinn. Located in an old town cellar, this dive bar is well known for its cheap bear and great music. It is usually the gathering place for people who’ve already had a little too many, and the best place to be if you want to understand the most important of cultures: the drinking culture.
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  • Are you a Jazz lover? If the answer is yes, the best place to see Estonian and international jazz and blues musicians play is the Clazz Club. Located in the Old Town, in near proximity to the most popular luxury hotels in Tallinn, the Clazz Club is one of the top attractions for people with finer tastes.
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    x club

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  • 777, or the Bank Club 777 is the largest club in the city specialized in cabaret music and live shows. The interior was designed to evoke a classy yet playful mood and from the moment you enter you know that this is a hedonist’s paradise.
  • If you are looking for something more enticing, take a night to enjoy some of Estonia’s most beautiful women performing in the X Club.Ai?? The club has great shows such as the Water show, the Casanova show, private rooms and great cocktails, everything served in a professional and safe way.

    Hotel Braavo in Tallinn

  • The Hotel Braavo in Tallinn is more than a simple hotel. Besides the regular accommodation services it offers great opportunities for fun activities, like fitness and swimming, all for a reasonable price. It is a fantastic place for accessing everything , pubs, shops, clubs, restaurants, monuments and museums. The staff is very helpful and the people friendly.
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If you are planning to frolic in Tallinn these are just a few of the many party places to visit. The best thing about Estonia’s Capital is that you have the freedom to explore, and find out for yourself where the most original and exciting clubs are. You will not leave unsatisfied!

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