Top 5 Less Known Spots in Florence

Top 5 Less Known Spots in Florence

Florence contains many historical and artistic treasures which are housed in over 80 museums. This is a great place for active travelers who prefer to see the sights by cycling or strolling, because most of the sights are within walking distance from one another. The place offers visitors the complete Italian experience in a tranquil setting. There are many ways to reach Florence for it is very well connected to the other Italian cities. Things will be very easy should you choose to take the train and railway, but if you decide to use a personal car, beware of the restrictions placed on certain roads. There are also several cheap flights to Florence arriving every day.


The Pazzi Chapel is one of Filippo Brunelleschi’s greatest works. Located in an idyllic setting near the Church of Santa Croce, it remains unfinished to this day. The building was commissioned to the second wealthiest person in 15th century Italy, Andrea Pazzi.


It remains in the architectural conscience as one of the high points in early Renaissance, governed by rational and serene demarche. Today it is considered an ai???of the beaten trackai??? attraction which is usually sought out by intrepid tourists.

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The concept of the vintage fashion in Italy is to promote the internal brand and to rediscover the values of the past. For this purpose was the Vintage Workshop created. Located in the historical center of Florence, it offers a wide assortment of vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories for those in search of genuine pieces as well as exciting video club activity.



The Piaza Santo Spirito is home to a great number of events, nightly gigs and improvised outdoor bars which have become a common phenomenon here. But it is not only this market that hosts beautiful events. The piazza Pitti and the Boboli Gardens have also become popular venues. These summer-only, temporary resorts could be a great choice for weekend breaks in Florence. how much does serophene cost




Not only a Museum but also a Monument, Casa Buonarroti is a place of memory and celebration of the genius of Michelangelo. Magnificent baroque apparatus and exposure of the richest art collections of the family, it is one of the most unique opportunities to visit from the realities Florentine museum and offers in the first place.



It is home for two famous marble reliefs, masterpieces of Michelangelo’s early youth: the Madonna of the Stairs witness intense study enthusiast Donatello, and the Battle of the Centaurs, a telling sign of love never faded for ‘classical art. mcg compresse aborto, mcg compresse aborto, mcg compresse aborto, mcg compresse aborto, mcg compresse aborto, mcg compresse aborto, mcg compresse aborto, mcg compresse aborto.


In need of good luck? The following attraction could come in handy, if you ai???petai??? it by rubbing its nose.The original statue, a bronze boar, was modified in 1612 by Pietro Tacca, who enhanced the original setting by adding miniature statues of reptiles. Today it is a fountain located in the New Market of Florence, and it is a symbol for the locals.



6. Florence Italy flights

Direct Florence Italy flights operate frequently with major airlines like Air France and Meridiana, which will make it more comfortable for you to reach this sublime city. Florence is one of the most romantic and interesting cities in Tuscany, artistically and architecturally authentic in which time seems to have stopped. It is the cradle of Renaissance architecture and home to some of the greatest minds in European history which makes it a priority for tourists with sophisticated tastes.


Florence Italy flights

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