The Most Romantic Spots in Bratislava


The Capital of Slovakia, a medieval city, well known for its cobbled streets, 18thAi??century rococo buildings, street cafes galore and hill-top fortress, is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Bratislava may be a small city, but the pleasant mix of history and electrifying atmosphere tells you it’s a city in full swing.

1. Heart of Europe Bratislava

heart of Europe Bratislava

The city is located in ai???heart of Europeai??? which makes it a very easily accessible European capital. Therefore, it is serviced by several airlines such as Ryanair, Danube Wings, Wizzair and Czech Airlines which offer attractive packages for cheap flights to Bratislava.

There are many things to see in Bratislava, and this is because most of the old center has been beautifully rebuild. Modern Bratislava is a vivid place, filled with boutiques, cafes, and remarkable restaurants which serve traditional dishes. The nightlife here is restless. Many clubs and jazz bars can be found hidden in the old city. There’s no telling where the maze-like pedestrian alleys might take you. Whether you stop for a drink, or visit the sights, all you need to do is to take in the different views as they change before your eyes.

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Probably one of the top sights in Bratislava is the massive Castle which was built by the Celts in the first century BC and which served as stronghold for the Romans and Germans. It has an unique design which reminds of a “flipped-over” table on a hill and it offers a great sight of the city.

3. Michael’s Gate

Michale’s Gate

Another great and very romantic sight is that of Michale’s Gate. Constructed in the early 14th century, Michale’s Gate was the only fortification to survive after countless wars. Today it houses an impressive collection of medieval arms.As a result of fast tourism development, more and more hotels are being built in the old city center.

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Although there are many luxurious hotels available, if you are in search of cheap accommodation in Bratislava, you will not be disappointed! As an alternative to the hotel stay, you can choose to spend your holiday in a self-catering apartment. The main advantage to the serviced apartments is that if you are planning to stay longer you can become more comfortable and cozy, and also spend a lot less money.

5. Bratislava is downright charming

Bratislava is downright charming

There has been a great number of positive reviews for the Slovakian Capital, one of which managed to describe the city perfectly: “A decade ago, the city was virtually a ghost town. But today, Bratislava is downright charming, bursting with colorfully restored facades, lively outdoor cafes, swanky boutiques, in-love-with-life locals, and ai??i?? on sunny days ai??i?? an almost Mediterranean ambiance.” Slovakia has managed to change rapidly and it quickly shook off the past in order to embrace its architectural heritage. In my opinion Bratislava can easily rival the beauty of Vienna, but Vienna will never be able to rival the prices of Bratislava.

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