Family Vacation Ideas for Naples

Family Vacation Ideas for Naples

Naples is a city of extremes which wavers between dreadful narrow streets with ruined facades and palm-fringed boulevards which hide baroque ballrooms. Nevertheless the beaches are very enjoyable, and the attractions varied. The quiet shores and resort-style locations make Naples the perfect destination for families in search of adventure. Its historical city-center which is home to 448 monuments is the biggest in the world, and associated to the picturesque gulf it offers one of the most iconic images of Italy. Book a ticket for one of the Naples cheap flights and prepare for one of the most memorable family vacations you’ve ever had. If you feel uninspired here is a list of great things to do while there.

1.Associazione Culturale NarteaAi??

The Associazione Culturale Nartea is the perfect place to take your children, because it presents the cultural aspects of the city in an entertaining and fun way. Take a tour of the museum to learn more about the popular beliefs, music, history and stories of Italy. Another great museum is the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.


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2. Visit to Mount Vesuvius

A visit to Mount Vesuvius is too tempting to refuse. I’m sure the little ones have already learned about volcanoes and given their inquisitive nature a trip to an active one will surely be very interesting for them.



3. Caracciolo e Lungomare

For a stunning view of the bay, sea, and medieval castle take a walk along the Via Caracciolo e Lungomare. This is probably one of the most spectacular promenades in Europe which offers one of the best sights in Naples.


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4.The capital of Campania

The capital of Campania is a vibrant city filled with art and tradition making it a wonderful place to explore. It is also the place where the best pizza is made! Head to the Pizzeria Sorbillo’s and enjoy one of the best wood-fired pizzas in the world. 5. Capri Island

For some more relaxing times visit the Alafi Coast or the Capri Island which can be easily reached by ferry or hydrofoil. The island has toe tempting beaches, unparalleled scenery and beautiful blue waters which haven’t been foiled by Naples beachfront hotels which are very common on the mainland


Capri Island

6. Anton Dohrn Aquarium.
Don’t forget to visit the Anton Dohrn Aquarium, housed in the Villa Communale. It is situated very close to the Via Caracciolo and it is great fun for the entire family because the 19th century Aquarium is full of marine life and exotic sea vegetation.


Anton Dohrn Aquarium

A recent review stated the following: ai???All over Italy, people were friendly, especially to kids. My kids loved it when waiters treated them like real people and tried out their English on It is indeed, well known, that Italians have a very hospitable nature, and are always happy to accommodate larger groups of people. In these regards Naples might very well be the best place for a family vacation.


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